Dance Balance – The Elusive Quality (Part 1 of 3)

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Improving Balance – The Elusive Quality (A three element series)

Balance is one of the most important prerequisites to good dancing!

So when we learn to dance, we gradually develop excellent balance
and poise as major benefits of our practice and commitment.

That said, it doesn’t always come easy in the beginning. As a matter of fact,
proper balance that makes dancing look (and feel) smooth and effortless
can be quite elusive at first.

The good news is, we can condition that “elusive quality” of balance
by understanding three necessary elements:

1) The Supporting Leg
2) Vertical Alignment
3) Horizontal alignment

In the following 3-part series on Balance, we’ll focus on each of these
elements individually, and provide you with helpful, easy exercises you
can utilize at your own pace. Of course, the more you practice, the faster
your balance will develop and greatly improve.

In this issue, we’ll discover an awareness of your supporting leg.

The First Element – “The Supporting Leg” (Part 1 of 3)

(Print this tip so you can try this little walking exercise as you read it)


Find a hallway or any other area where you can take several walking steps.

Stand with your weight on your right foot with your left foot free. Take your
first step, concentrating on your left foot as it moves forward.

As you transfer weight, your right foot becomes your free foot.
This time, concentrate on your right foot as it moves forward.

Keep moving forward, repeating this process of walking and concentrating
on the free leg.

What did you notice? It felt normal, didn’t it? Well, that is generally the way
people walk – concentrating on the free foot as they move from one leg
to the other.


Now, we want you to try the same walking exercise with a little spring.
Stand again with your weight on the right foot with your left foot free.

To start the walk, compress your right leg a little by pressing downwards
with your body (allow the knee to flex some), then spring forward off of
your right foot. Concentrate on your right leg until the weight is transferred
to the other leg.

Repeat the same process on the left leg. Compress the left leg and
spring forward from the left foot, concentrating on the left leg until the
weight is transferred.

Keep moving forward repeating this process of walking and concentrating
on the supporting leg.

What did you notice? It felt more powerful didn’t it? With a little practice,
you will discover two major things: Your walk becomes stronger and you
are able to arrive on the other leg in complete balance and control, ready
for the next move.

For better dancing, pay more attention to your source of power and
balance – your supporting leg.

Happy Dancing,

Blanche & Emilio


Next Issue: The Second Element (Part 2 of 3) – “VERTICAL ALIGNMENT”
Aligning the three main body blocks.


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