How to Become a Good Dancer – Step Two: Motivating a Reluctant Partner

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Or perhaps, “So You Wish Your Partner Could Dance”.
Well, never fear! All things are possible by taking just a few small steps.

But first, we’d like to begin by sharing a very true dance story with you about
having a “reluctant partner”. Years ago, a couple came into our studio for their
first dance lesson. The wife was so happy and excited about the prospects of learning
to dance, but the husband casually commented: “I’d rather have a root canal.”

What? “A root canal?” Wow!

As you can imagine, this really opened our eyes as to how difficult it might be to
convince a “reluctant partner” to try dancing! But we also knew that he’d feel
differently if he’d just give it a try. Well, he did indeed. And you know what?
He loved the lesson and they continued with us for many years. They
became beautiful dancers and to this day still enjoy their dancing.

Don’t you just love a happy ending?

The secret was to get the partner on the floor for the very first time.
And trust us when we tell you that 99% of the time, the “reluctant one” will
often end up being the “enthusiastic one” by the second lesson! So, before
bringing up the subject of dance lessons to your perhaps “not-so-motivated”
partner, your first small step is to do a little research in your area and locate the
best studio with a competent and patient instructor. Remember, first
impressions are lasting impressions.

Your next step is to get them excited by pointing out the many
benefits of taking dance lessons together….the key word being,
of course, “together”. Tell your partner that it’ll be fun! That it
provides great exercise and increases stamina! That it’s a
wonderful way to reduce stress! That it even enhances the
relationship by improving communication, not to mention it’s
incredibly romantic! And did you mention fun?

Your final small step (if your partner still needs some convincing to get
on the dance floor) is to “barter”. Seriously…it works! Promise to join them
at a baseball game or some other interest they might have in exchange for
a dance lesson with you. Certainly a more than fair trade, right?

Ah-HA! What’s that you say? They finally agreed to join you for
a dance lesson?…and now they’re hooked? That’s wonderful!
Well, this next bit of advice is the “best” advice you’ll ever receive
about keeping your partner interested in taking dance lessons:
Resist the temptation to correct or teach them yourself (no matter
how experienced or talented you may be), and always compliment
and encourage them. Let them know how much you love and appreciate
dancing with them, and don’t forget to remind them how great they
look on the dance floor!

Remember, keeping your partner dancing is just as important as
getting them started in the first place.

Good luck. It’s well worth the effort and someday they’ll thank you for
it. In the meantime, you’ll have a great dance partner and a great
hobby to share…..together!

Happy Dancing,

Blanche & Emilio


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