Web Dance University…you asked for it, you got it!

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Dear Dancing Friends,
Blanche and I are so thrilled with all of your emails about how much you love Web Dance University. 
We can’t tell you enough how exciting it is hearing from you, and how much your compliments mean
to us. Web Dance University is certainly a labor of love, and to those thanking us for making it available:
“You are VERY welcome!”
For years you’ve been asking for an “all-in-one” option for our Beginner’s, Bronze, and Silver courses…
…and now you’ve got it! With Web Dance University, you now have 24/7 full access to our huge
database of award-winning content – from all three levels of instruction – in a fun, easy-to-follow format.
As a result, many of our new members are now wanting to tell their family and friends about W.D.U. –
especially with the holidays right around the corner – and are wondering if there’s any way that they too
can still take advantage of the pre-launch offer that recently ended.
Well, the answer is YES! We’ve listened to your requests, and will be extending our pre-launch offer so
everybody can take advantage of this amazing opportunity. Quite frankly, we created Web Dance University
with the intention of reaching everyone, and this is absolutely the best way to do it!
So, invite your friends and loved ones to check out Web Dance University! Now is the chance to come join
the fun with unlimited access to the most comprehensive dance library available anywhere online…
…and at an incredible savings as well!
Here’s the link:
Happy Dancing,
Blanche & Emilio Librero
Creators of Web Dance University

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